What I’m Reading Right Now: October

The Momofuku Cookbook by David Chang

When it comes to collecting cookbooks, you can either be slow and steady or just go all out and splurge. For better or worse, I fall into the latter category and had a heck of a book-shopping spree mid-month. With that, I have officially acquired so many books that I don’t have enough shelf space for them all.

As not to make myself cringe from the damage to my wallet, I’ll just avoid admitting to how much I spent and say it’s 12 books all day. Each is a worthy addition in its own right, but I beelined for a few as soon as they arrived, notably: Momofuku, Martha Stewart’s Dinner at Home, The Best of America’s Test Kitchen 2009, Ad Hoc at Home Cookbook, and The Fat Duck Cookbook. And now I’ve gone bookwormish and started to savour them: some have awesome photos, others killer design, and the rest just make me wanna get cooking. I’ll report back once I’ve had more time to digest them (pun intended).