Graham Slam

Big Sur Bakery Graham Crackers

It takes more than 8 hours, but driving Route 1 is a must for any avid traveler. Recently, I did it for the 5th time but this time wasn’t about the drive; I was on a mission to make a long-overdue stop at the Big Sur Bakery. Nestled in a grove of redwood trees and tucked behind a gas station, it’s easy to blow right past if you’re too engrossed in the drive – something I’ve been guilty of before.

After a chill lunch on the patio, I set my sights on the baked goods for which they’re renowned. I opted for a bag of hazelnut-chocolate cookies for Mom, some granola for my sister, and a chocolate mocha cookie for my sweet tooth. I was headed out when I caught a glimpse of the graham crackers and promptly turned about-face; you see, not all that long ago I was bordering on graham cracker addiction. While life experience has made me more discerning, I’m still on the lookout for a top-notch, homemade graham. I snatched up a bag of sugar-encrusted graham triangles and was off.

That mocha cookie did me in, so I didn’t come back around to the graham crackers until a day later. Armed with a cup of coffee and my taste buds, I got down to business. These grahams had me at first bite: they’re sweet with a tinge of saltiness, snappy yet crumbly, and rich in buttery taste but not greasy. As I sat there in sweet-tooth bliss with my coffee and crackers, I began to contemplate if I’d ever be able to justify frequent jaunts down Highway 1 as part of my work research.