New Vegan-ings

Drinks from Susan Feniger's Street and Mark Peel's Tar Pit

Every time I come across a dessert labeled vegan, I get all food prejudiced as it’s often overprocessed and underwhelming. Much respect to vegans for sticking to their food and political convictions, but I think me and my sweet tooth would have a miserable time at it. The Three Twins Ice Cream parlor is just a hop and skip down my street and I stop in to grab a scoop every so often. Their Lemon Cookie ice cream is my regular (like frozen lemon cream wafer cookies), but I was intrigued by the Peppermint Crunch vegan ice cream and recently gave it a go. Made with rice milk, its texture is more old-school ice milk than ice cream, but no matter as I could feel my vegan dessert discrimination melt away with each icy, pepperminty bite.