Taming the Masala Munchies

Lay's Magic Masala

If food is the international language, then snacks are like slang: they show you the unique idiosyncrasies of the local culture in shorthand. In India the snacking slang is made up of lots of salty stuff; no big mystery as they’ve got a long history of salty, fried food (you know, samosas, papads, gol gappas, etc, etc).

My tongue was tickled pink when I realized that Lay’s has a whole slew of local-spiced salty treats available at nearly every roadside shack in India. With a laundry list of spices (11 to be exact), these chips have more flavor than you can shake a stick at and are loaded with all kinds of stuff we consider exotic like fenugreek powder, black salt, and amchur. We bought a share pack, but as soon as I tried them my selfish side set it and I convinced myself that the phrase “share and share alike” does not apply to potato chips.

Now if only I could convince Lay’s to start stocking US snack shelves with this stuff, I’d be a much happier camper. Potato chip petition, anyone?