TimTam Gets a Visa

TimTams arrive in the US

Apparently getting into the US is a cinch when you’re an Australian cookie. On my first trip to the market since returning to the States, I found the shelves stocked with TimTam cookies, formerly only available down under yet coveted by knowing foodies everywhere.

Simply delicious, it’s perhaps the country’s best export to date (yes, better than these guys). So what is it? The original TimTam is two crisp malted chocolate cookies sandwiched around a chocolate fudge filling that’s been enrobed (always wanted to write that word) in chocolate. For a chocoholic like me, it’s pretty much temptation incarnate.

Pepperidge Farm brought them stateside in 2008, but this latest shopping trip is the first I’ve seen of them. If you come across them, do yourself a favor, snatch up a few boxes, and try for yourself. But, to get the full experience, you gotta do a TimTam Slam. Get your head out of the gutter as it’s purely G-rated and it goes like this: bite opposite corners off the cookie, dunk it in your cup, and use the cookie as a straw. I’m super keen on pairing it with Irish coffee or hot cocoa.

Oh, you like it? How do you say, “I told you so” with an Australian accent?