What I’m Reading Right Now: January

Stormy San Francisco

It has been Noah’s Ark here in San Francisco, so I’ve had plenty of time to nestle up and channel my inner bookworm. Here are this month’s noteworthy reads:

Forbes Magazine – Week of 1/18/10 –

The current issue of Forbes caught my eye with the headline, “Company of the Year: Monsanto.” Anyone who’s seen Food Inc. knows how much the organic activists have vilified Monsanto, but this article argues why Monsanto should actually be applauded.

Culture Magazine – Winter 2009 –

I kept seeing this mag on the stands and finally, at last week’s Fancy Food Show, it was pressed into my hand. Back when I lived in Europe, I ate cheese multiple times a day and, while I don’t eat it quite that much anymore, I still think it’s worthy of being its own food group. This latest issue has a recipe from cheese queen Laura Werlin, those crunchy crackers I love, and a write up on Miami that I dog-eared as I’ll be there next month for the South Beach Wine and Food Festival.

Food Rules – Michael Pollan

All the research from Pollan’s former books is distilled into this pocket-sized book and presented as rules for how to eat now. It was a super-quick read and the first book covering our suffering food system that I know my family will read cover to cover without getting overwhelmed. In fact, my mom already texted me to tell me she’s going to consider his wisdom the basis for her eating from now on – awesome!

Tokkuri Tei Cooking – Hideaki Miyoshi

My favorite izakaya in Hawaii, Tokkuri Tei finally released a cookbook. I’ve got the recipe for their on-point ikayaki recipe on my must-make list. And, I’ll report back about it as soon as I have a chance to get to the local Japanese market and buy all those unpronounceable ingredients.

The American Boulangerie – Pascal Rigo

Written 7 years ago, this book is by no means a newcomer, but I hadn’t come across it in a while. The part of me that misses living in Paris salivates over the recipes for the tartines and breads. If this rain keeps up, I may have to make it an all French food day, turn on the oven, and try the recipes for some of Pascal’s acclaimed doughs.

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