Lamb Session

Fresh Rosemary-Garlic Lamb Sausage

Follow-up files: behold the goods from the second lamb session. Over the course of the night, we mixed up some Merguez as well as this rosemary-garlic sausage and both they tied for the best lamb sausage I’ve ever tried. The technique is the same as with any basic sausage making and it goes something like this. To celebrate, I invited over friends and cooked up a sort of raid-the-pantry breakfast. Here are the deets:

-Pan-browned sausages (about 20 minutes over medium heat)

-Started slow-cooking some sweet onions in olive oil and butter until caramelized. Folded onions into half-mashed, half-whole cannellini beans and simmered it with broth and spinach until all melded. Threw in a hit of some red wine vinegar, a pinch of brown sugar, and lots of freshly ground black pepper to finish it off.

-Topped that off with an olive-oil fried egg and country bread toasted and slathered in garlic-chile butter.

Hmmm, writing that just made my mouth water — time to ransack the pantry for today’s daily special!

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