Sweet Somethings

Michel Cuizel Cafe

Dear Valentines Day,

Why do you have to be so sappy, commercial, and blatant? And why you gotta make me feel so crummy? I mean either you pressure me to splurge because I’ve got a S.O. or you consider me pathetic because I’m alone. From the chalky candy to the cheap flowers, the excessive amounts of pink to the bad sparkling wine, you’re the least bearable day of the year.

Honestly, I’d write you off completely if it weren’t for one thing: chocolate. (You might wanna consider a name change to National Chocolate Day and just forget all those other frivolities.) But I could give a care about those heart-shaped boxes filled with waxy chocolates; they’re better off in Madame Tussauds. I lust for the stuff that’s so pretty you don’t want to eat it, so complexly flavored it makes you giddy, and pricey enough to force you to savor every last bit; chocolate like that from Michel Cluizel. My latest MC discovery is this thimble-sized, mug-shaped dark chocolate filled with coffee ganache and it’s swoon-inducing.

Valentines, I don’t care about your stupid holiday and I certainly don’t want any gifts. But, if I happen to receive a bag of these chocolates tied up with a ribbon, well, I wouldn’t refuse it. In fact, it might almost make up for those cliché aphrodisiac menus — almost.