Local Adventure: Over the Bridge and Through the ‘hoods…

Three types of pretzels.

I rarely drive. I mean, I put fewer than 1,000 miles on my car annually because I’m lucky enough to live in a city where I can public transport myself nearly everywhere. But there’s a downside. Time passes and, before I know it, I go myopic and miss out on the awesomeness that is the rest of Northern California. To remedy that, I recruit friends to embark on food adventures where we explore all the deliciousness that lies out there. Here is a map of everything I visited on my latest East Bay food adventure, all German, all the time — the postage stamp-sized shop, Oktoberfeast, carries all sorts of baked goods of German origin, including three types of pretzels.

Pretzel Croissant

The most coveted treat at Oktoberfeast is the pretzel croissant. It has promise but I’m still a devout City Bakery pretzel croissant lover!

La Farine's croissants

SF Weekly listed La Farine’s croissants among the 92 best eats in the Bay. They were good but I went above and beyond to discover other treats like this granola bar-esque tart loaded with hazelnuts and tart cherries.

Morning bun from La Farine

Morning bun from East Bay’s La Farine bakery. The fuss may be over the croissant but it was this evenly risen, yeasty, and nicely spiced pastry that got my attention.

Vik's Chaat House Thalis

Stopped by the newly renovated and recently relocated Vik’s Chaat House. Their market and cafeteria transported me back to India — it helps that the thalis were all well made.

Chole Bhatura from Vik's Chaat House

Chole Bhatura from Vik’s Chaat House — gotta love the drama that this snack brings to the table.

Daily specials at The Cheese Board

The daily specials at Berkeley’s The Cheese Board collective. It’s a miracle I got this shot as people were crowded elbow-to-elbow waiting for a slice.

The ever-popular Cheese Board

The ever-popular Cheese Board closes when they sell out of pizza but we luckily snagged a few slices before that happened. This zucchini-feta flatbread was pretty spectacular as was the nice fermented crust.

Cocktails at Flora

Finished the night off with a few cocktails at Flora in downtown Oakland. The observant mixologist could tell I didn’t like my drink so he worked with my taste buds and whipped up something custom built and worth every penny.

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