Sunday Fun Day!


Life is all about balance, right? Yesterday, after a 3-hour, 1900-foot hike on a gorgeous spring day, I drove to the far reaches of Marin County to revive with oysters and beer. But, these aren’t just any oysters, they’re the barbecued oysters at The Marshall Store. A very local product (pulled right from the water in front of you), cooked to order, then served topped with a sweet tomato-ey yet nicely vinegary bbq sauce, they’re worth the 100-mile plus trip to hang out seaside and sidle up to a hodge-podge crowd of oyster lovers. It’s the best carrot-on-a-stick motivation a food lover like me could ask for to help survive that tiring hike.

But, I know I’m not alone — how far are you willing to travel for good food?