Great Minds Think (Eat and Drink) Alike

My latest edible Communities magazine find

When is a coincidence no longer a coincidence? We’ve been traveling everywhere to showcase some seriously interesting people and products for the soon-to-launch Cooking Channel show, Foodcrafters; yet, no matter where we are, there’s one little magazine that keeps popping up: the local edition of the edible Publications.

These magazines champion the sustainable food and drink scene in various communities across the nation and it tickles me pink that this grassroots publication has spread like wildfire in but a few years. The fact these magazines are everywhere we are proves the artisanal producers’ we’re covering have as much a commitment to their local community as they do to their craft. In short, they’re good food people.

So go forth and seek out your local edition of edible Communities as it’ll show you every nook and cranny of your local food scene. And, if you want to get local in the kitchen too, turn to the newly published cookbook.