By Food People, For Food People

Learning about green coffee beans at Blue Bottle Co.

Are you constantly on the hunt for new tastes and flavors? Do you dork-out every time you enter the produce section? Are quality ingredients and cooking such priorities that your friends are considering a foodie intervention? Well, you’re a bone fide food person and you’re not alone.

I’ve spent the last three months adventuring, filming, and promoting for the Food Network’s new sister channel, Cooking Channel — the channel for food people by food people — and it begins airing this Monday, Memorial Day. Check your cable listing and set your DVR because it promises lots of food awesomeness, and I’m not just saying that because I’m a part of it all. We’re covering every facet of the food world from cocktails to Caribbean food and featuring people I’ve long hoped to see on TV, from foreign imports Bill Granger and Laura Calder to classics like The Galloping Gourmet and the iconic Julia Child.

Most of all I’m pumped for the premiere of my second show, FoodCrafters, where I cross the nation to search out first-rate artisanal products. Two episodes of FoodCrafters will air on Monday, featuring some of my absolute faves like Blue Bottle Coffee and Laloo’s Goat’s Milk Ice Cream. So embrace your inner food person, prepare for some viewing, and as we say at the Cooking Channel: Stay Hungry!