Rights of Spring

Having a fling with some beauteous spring produce

Sadly, I missed out on nettle season. They came and went without so much as a single chance for me to cook them.

Not wanting to cry over the culinary equivalent of spilled milk, I ran to the market as soon as I landed back in San Francisco to seek out other equally delicious spring produce. Lucky for me, the food gods were feeling generous as my local grocery store was brimming with just-picked springtime treats. I’m now loaded up with all the hyper-seasonal produce pictured above in addition to slender asparagus, fragrant strawberries, and some dangerously addictive fava bean-pea-pecorino dip. To celebrate, today’s lunch was country bread toasted, slathered with that delish dip, and topped with a mess of sauteed asparagus, ramps, and pea shoots, a poached egg and a drizzle of fig balsamic vinegar.

What spring produce are you coveting and how do you plan to serve it?

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