Food for Funds

Fruit, cheese, and nut platters at CUESA Spring Breakfast

I hadn’t chopped that many potatoes in eons, but, hey, all worth it when it’s for a good cause, right? Whenever possible, I volunteer at San Francisco’s CUESA and last week I washed, sliced, chopped, and sautéed in prep for the annual Spring Breakfast Fundraiser.

The event’s tons of of work as one (Sarah Henkin in this case) needs to bring together farmers, chefs, volunteers, and, most importantly, people willing to raise their forks and their funds for the cause. With nearly 300 people in attendance last Saturday, I’d think it’s fair to say it was an all-out success. Bay area food elite like the sweet Laura Werlin and the bookish June Taylor were present along with various farmers and producers with whom we got to rub elbows and whose food we got to eat, all in support of the Ferry Plaza Farmer’s Market.

With dried fruit and nuts from Alfieri, cheese from various producers like Andante, preserves and empanadas from Frog Hollow Farm, there was enough food to feed a few voracious armies. Just take a look at the menu to see how delicious it was (warning that you may start spontaneously salivating):

Farm-fresh scrambled eggs with fava beans, green garlic, and peas

Farm-fresh scrambled eggs with wild mushrooms

Roasted potatoes with fresh herbs and cilantro chutney

Market lettuces, shaved radish, and chive blossom salad

Blueberry pancakes with blueberry-honey syrup

Fresh peaches, stawberries, cherries, blackberries, raspberries, and cherries

Artisan cheeses, dried fruit, dried nuts, handmade jams

Freshly-baked breakfast pastries and breads

Coffee, tea, apple cider, and grapefruit juice

It was more food than I eat for breakfast — heck, more than I usually eat in a day, but I went for it as it was for a good cause. From the napkin-holders emblazoned with food sustainability factoids and the compostable tableware to the sweet co-diners at our communal table to the precocious producer from Happy Girl Kitchen, it was a feel-good affair all around. The only thing I’d change? I like my beauty sleep, so next year, I’d like to pre-reserve a spot for the late, late seating!

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