Getting in the Mood


Sometimes I just can’t get in the mood. I’ll sit down to write and it’s like my creative juju is jinxed. The worst part is that, like a bad houseguest, writer’s block (aka recipe developer’s block or blogger’s block) shows up without the slightest indication of when it plans on leaving. Even more frustrating is that it is too often conveniently coordinated with an impending deadline.

So far while working on my book, I’ve staved off the block by pledging allegiance to my mood board. I didn’t really know what a mood board even was until CHOW where all the visually creative types would put them together to serve as a sort of visual outline. I was instantly drawn to them because they’re like a grown-up actually useful version of the collages I used to make as a teen — though with far fewer cutouts of Brad Pitt.

Well, here above is a picture of the mood board I’ve crafted with for my book. It combines food photos I find pretty, people (like Jamie and Judith Jones) who inspire me, and graphics that grab me to reflect the intended tone of my germinating book. Now, I’ve been spending an absurd amount of time alone as I research, write, and recipe test and I’d risk getting uninspired without this mood board that I can steal a gander at whenever I need a pick-me-up. So the next order of business is to put together a playlist as provoking as this mood board. But, what would that be called? A moody tunes list? Whatever you wanna call it, I’m all ears for suggestions.

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