To Do List: January 2011

Photo by Julie Michelle of Femme Fotographie

Keep your eyes open and you’ll find inspiration everywhere.

I was given that nugget of wisdom ages ago and it’s something I still carry with me. Of course, it’s important to not only look for inspiration but also to cultivate it. A few months back, I made my book mood board as a source of culinary inspiration while I r&d-d the recipes for my book, and it was loads of help as I logged in hours at the stove. But, in this age of constant information, where there’s a flood of things to look out for, it’s essential to buck inspirational ADD and distill it down.

In attempts to do so, I’m going to start compiling a list of the things that inspire me each month — like a mood board in list form. Here’s this month’s finds:

TASTE: Beautiful to look at and (hopefully) also to taste, I’m dying for this maple syrup to arrive in the mail so I can bake up some sweet stuff, pronto;

LISTEN: Swedish songstress Lykke Li is even better when remixed;

WATCH: The screwy skits of Portlandia remind us it’s important to laugh at ourselves on a regular basis;

SIP: I was doing a good job of staying dry this new year until I came across this sultry cocktail;

BUY: Though I’m not that much of a shopper, this jewelry with all its bits and bobs, stirs up all kind of whimsy;

MAKE: While I’m on a femme slant, I find these faux floral arrangement endearing;

VISIT: In my “wouldn’t it be nice” category is a trip inspired by this article;

CARE: Jamie’s on my home turf and putting up another food fight for the next season for JOFR;

CLICK: This slideshow from Gourmet takes a look at the many food treasures and repulsions found online;

LAUGH: When I risk taking myself too seriously, I turn to the already-classic Marcel the Shell video to keep things light.

To Do Lists are monthly lists where I share my favorite discoveries of the last 30 days with you.

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