Uncovering Kitchen Treasures


Cooking in somebody else’s kitchen is always a shot in the dark: sometimes it’s a pandora’s box of cooking frustration while other times it’s a fabulously pleasant endeavor. Lucky for me, my friends are excellent amateur cooks and their kitchen reflects it. It’s an unassuming small space, but, while I’ve been house sitting, I’ve found everything I need and very little of what I don’t. During my month-long stay, I’ve come to covet a few pieces so I thought I’d memorialize them as my last of the house sitting in Hawaii posts.

There are all sorts of eclectic, vintage plates but I’ve become attached to this delicate cherry blossom plate and have found pretty much any excuse to use it. I’m hoping I can find a close second at the local Japanese hardware store before I head out.

This Kitchen Aid was tucked in the way back corner of the kitchen but I pulled it out as soon as I saw it. I remembered hearing about it as it has been passed down through three generations of my friend’s family, and, though it’s definitely showing its wear, it still works like a charm. True, it does hop about a bit when kneading doughs and you have to use elbow grease to pull the bowl out of its lock, but it still makes me jealous that I don’t have such awesome vintage pieces in my house.

While I’ve always revered the stand mixer as the workhorse of the kitchen, I have mixed feelings about blenders. Mainly because I’ve had a long string of disappointing blenders that burn out the minute I blend up a few batches of margaritas. But, over the years, my faith has been restored by the cream of the blender crop, the Vitamix. It’s a sleek, fast sports car of a blender to the more prevalent jalopies and it comes at a cost. It’s the appliance I’ve always wanted yet, for some inexplicable reason, have never bought, but, after using this guy for a month, I’m beginning to think this might be the year of the Vitamix.

As I countdown the last of my hours as a house sitter, I’m realizing that cooking in my friend’s kitchen has strangely made me closer to them even though they’ve been gone. Admittedly, it’s a simultaneously bizarre yet comforting concept so rather than over-analyze, I’m just going to get offline and into the kitchen to start cooking their welcome home meal.

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