To Do List: February 2011


I spent many a long hour in hibernation this month due to endless rain, a few bouts of illness, and being glued to my desk as I finished writing my cookbook manuscript. Here are the things that prevented me from going stir crazy at the same time they motivated me into the wee hours:

READ: The name Eat Ate doesn’t begin to communicate how visually striking and whimsical this cookbook is.

LISTEN: People are polarized by the new Radiohead album but I’ve had it on nonstop repeat and have only came to love it more with time.

TASTE: I’m obsessed with good sticky toffee pudding, so it’s only natural that my latest guilty pleasure would be this sauce.

STRIVE: The idealist in me aspires to a zero waste home. First order of business: being able to afford a home.

WEAR: Speaking of reuse, I never thought to carry around a billboard until I came across these creations.

SHOOT: As incentive to hone my photography skills and build a thimble-sized in-home studio, I’ve invested in this light set.

GAWK: And, as a reminder of what comes from honed skills, check this short film, Notte Setto, made of 4500+ photos.

DRINK: One week wholly dedicated to celebrating the greatness of beer. Need I say more?

TOAST: Finally, to celebrate of the completion of my manuscript and the birth of my nephew, I’ll raise a glass. Or three.

To Do Lists are monthly lists where I share my favorite discoveries of the last 30 days with you.

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