To Do List: March 2011

March Mood Board

This March I embraced the whole Spring renewal theme with with lots of new things: tunes, gardening skills, travel, design and, as always, plenty of food-related fodder.

BREW: After I got tired of making like a coffee bar and queuing up numerous pour-over coffees every time I had more than a few people over, I got this extra-large Chemex Pot to supercharge my brunch crowds.

TUNE IN: My friend, Darin Bresnitz and his twin brother, Terry, put out a mix tape featuring live in-studio performances of some great bands recorded during their food-meets-music radio show, Snacky Tunes.

LISTEN: The sweetheart of South By Southwest, Toro Y Moi had a great in-studio session at KCRW that made me an instant fan.

GAWK: I was also a fan-at-first-site when I saw this transporting virtual trip down the Appalachian Trail, a journey I’ve long had on my list of dreams.

LEARN: Speaking of artsy things, here’s a graphic representation of the colors you should be eating that’s as engaging to look at as it is useful.

EAT: When it comes to eating, I hate to be biased, but this month I was happy to see the last of winter’s produce finally beat out by the arrival of Spring.

DISCOVER: Though I’m not yet convinced as to their usefulness, I was intrigued by these concepts on redesigning recipes.

PLANT: Ever looking for ways to up the aesthetics in the world around me, I’ve started beautifying my neighborhood with seed bombs.

PERUSE: Along the lines of aesthetically-pleasing things, these classic food books got a visual update so go ahead and judge them by their covers.

READ: When it comes to books, the first book of famed Prune chef, Gabrielle Hamilton, is making its case to become an instant classic as it’s at once witty, revealing, and riveting.

To Do Lists are monthly lists where I share my favorite discoveries of the last 30 days with you.

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