The Great Margarita Debate: Guava Cadillac Margarita

Road trips are where friends reveal their true colors. Yet after double-digit hours on the road, thousands of miles traveled, and getting to know my friends on a whole new level, I still adore them thoroughly. I may like them even more than when we started, but, we have decidedly different views on things — particularly  when it concerns margaritas.

The margarita is a simple cocktail — at the most basic it’s nothing but lime, tequila, and sweetener — but so many variations exist that it’s easy to get lost in a tequila-induced trance. We all agreed that the Bethenny Frankel skinny girl margarita (yes, I did just reference a Real Housewife) with agave syrup is not only less caloric yet also appealingly clean, but I’ve always liked my margaritas with a dash of premium orange liqueur (such as Grand Marnier or Cointreau). Also known as a Cadillac, because it’s the luxury car of margaritas, the addition of premium orange liqueur rounds out the flavors and it makes all the difference to me.

But our road trip went down in a Mazda 5 rental — which is decidedly not a Cadillac — and we were in the land of Mexican Coke and sodas. Thus, it seemed fitting to tweak the Cadillac by adding a touch of Jarritos and re-coining it the Mazda 5. So, here it is: a version of the Cadillac margarita that’s got me convinced that no matter how much I love my friends, my tweak is the one that reigns supreme when it comes to margaritas.