Building A Healthier Burger

I’ve made my fair share of stops at In N Out, The Little Owl, and Father’s Office all in the name of a burger. But, sometimes I just can’t handle. And that’s been the case lately. Perhaps I’m in need of some healthy eating after my trip to Texas, my indulgence in Hawaii, and the last round of recipe testing for my cookbook.

No matter the cause, as a means to get back in balance, I’ve decided to go meatless for the rest of the month. I kicked it off on 4th of July when I took the risk of doing a meatless cookout. Happily, no one asked, “where’s the beef?” The star of the meal were these Chickpea Sliders with Roasted Red Pepper Ketchup, so I thought I’d share.

I developed these recipes for a kids cooking class where I taught healthy takes on favorite summertime dishes. While I’ve eaten many a veggie burger and a few falafel burgers, I didn’t want this to be either of those flavors. I was in search of something with the heft of a burger, that held up to a variety of condiments, yet was a healthy, vegetarian take on the traditional meat burger. So here it is. You can top it with anything from sprouts and avocados to cucumber and feta but don’t deny yourself the Roasted Red Pepper Ketchup. It’s an alternative to ketchup with more veggies and more flavors and it’s a hit with everyone who’s tried it.

Vegetarian Burger Recipe