Sparkling Rose Lemonada

Some flavors take things from ordinary to exotic with just a few drops, do you know what I mean? I like to call them exoti-fying ingredients — one such ingredient is rose water, a distilled concoction of roses with a perfumed flavor, common in Middle Eastern food. My story with rose water dates back to  childhood when I’d visit my Persian friends for play dates. Instead of gorging on junk food, our snack time was marked with mint tea and rose water-perfumed sweets.

At first I couldn’t stand the distinct aroma of rose water but, with time, I came to adore the subtle yet distinct exotifying twist it adds to food. These days I use it throughout my kitchen in dishes like lassicheesecake, and lemon bar filling. But the best way to use rose water this time of year? To liven up lemonade like with this Sparkling Rose Lemonada.

Sparkling Rose Lemonada Recipe | | #pairswellwithfood

The Lebanese serve mint and orange blossom-laced lemonade — lemonada in the Middle East — and I became a fan of the drink when I was traveled there. This summer lemonada has become my summer drink of choice though I’ve riffed on it slightly by swapping rose water for orange blossom water and add in some sparkling water. Here’s my take on the classic cooler.