Spiced Chickpea Snackers

In case I haven’t made it clear, I have major love for chickpeas. Their nutty, sweet taste is thoroughly addictive, which is why I use them everywhere from salads and stews to veggie burritos and sliders. So you can imagine how jazzed I was the first time I tried fried chickpeas.

When I was working in the CHOW test kitchen, we developed them for Hanukkah and every time we’d test the menu, the chickpeas were the first to go. But I couldn’t help thinking how unhealthy they were, which is a shame since chickpeas themselves have loads of fiber, iron, and protein. So, I began roasting them and, along the way, made the process simpler and much less messy, which is why this is one of the picks for this week’s healthy back-to-school recipes.

This recipe is  part of my week of healthy back-to-school recipes that I’ll be posting through Friday September 9th.