Crunchy Miso Kale Chips

I’m by no means the first person to make kale chips, but I am a huge advocate of kale chips as a healthy snack option. My first kale chip experience was courtesy an adventurous hippy friend who’s alway on the lookout for new food finds. After a taste, I was a fan and would buy them by the armful from the local co-op (which said hippy friend introduced me to, of course). After a short while I decided to save the trip to the store (and some money) and began making them myself.

But I never thought of them as kid-friendly food until my niece came over and I gave her a few chips to try. Seconds later, she was tugging at my hem, asking for more, and the rest is history. What makes these such a kid-worthy snack is that kale is one of the most nutritionally dense foods available with loads of calcium, fiber, vitamin A, C, K, and tons of fiber. But enough about nutrition, they’re also tasty and super simple to make. My niece and nephew (aka my guines pigs for all my kid-friendly recipes) nosh them as is, but the chips are also great stirred into mashed potatoes, crumbled and tossed with popcorn, or eaten with a dip.

This recipe is part of my week of healthy back to school recipes that I’ll be posting through Friday September 9th.