Blue Cheese, Shallot, and Delicata Squash Pizza

Among my friends, it’s understood that rain and wind means pizza is on the menu. It’s a habit that formed when I was living in Florence when a group of us would religiously meet up at the local pizzeria whenever it really began pouring out. A blustery rainstorm only happens a few times a year out here in California, but when it does, I immediately start making pizza and lately it’s been this Blue Cheese, Shallot, and Delicata Squash Pizza.

Aida Mollenkamp Easy Dinner Recipe Blue Cheese and Delicata Squash Pizza Recipe There’s something about sitting next to a wood-fired oven with a glass of hearty red wine that really ups the coziness factor of a wintry day, know what I mean?

While I may not have a kick-butt Italian pizza oven, I do have a technique that does a good job mimicking the oven, minus the char. And the big glass of hearty red wine? Well, you could skip it though I’d highly recommend you don’t.