Local Adventure: Patchwork Festival

Toast Print from The Poster List and Upcycled ornaments at Patchwork

This past Sunday I checked out the Patchwork Indie Art & Craft Festival, put together by my friend, Delilah, and her niece, Nicole. Though they’ve held the event for five years, yesterday marked the first time it took place in the Los Angles area — at Helms Bakery in Culver City, to be precise. Helms is a shopping district that’s worth a visit in its own right as it’s packed with good food and gorgeous design places like Let’s Be Frank, Lukshon, and Room & Board, but yesterday it was even more worth the trip since they were hosting over 100 local vendors for the day.

I went in looking to window shop but came out with an armful of goodies, which is saying a lot because I’m not a big shopper. Here are the highlights:

Upon entering, I almost ran into Delilah’s jam van shop where they were selling an assortment of handmade items such as jellies, tea towels, and preserves. Though I usually make my own vinegar rather than buy it, I was drawn to the these homemade vinegars because of their festive tags.

The Poster List had a wall plastered with posters and crates upon crates of these colorful graphic prints.This Eames chair (I love mid-century design) caught my attention, but I ended up buying the Santa Monica Pier and the Marina District prints for me and the Tower 20 as a belated birthday gift for my childhood bestie (since we used to play nearby Tower 20 as little ones).

Lo Fidelity Love had a lot of their jewelry pieces on display, but I was pulled in by their festive bunting and delicately hand-stitched holiday cards.

These felt badges stopped me in my tracks not only because I’ve always been a fan of felt but also because they’re so colorful and cheery.

Hello Jak had tables of earrings and necklaces, but I was enamored with their teeny-tiny terrariums. Some were in little medicine bottles while others were made in clamp jars — a smart choice since you can then open and close the terrarium as needed for watering and what have you.

A few of the booths were quite sassy with items like this cheeky apron from Sweet Perversion and these surprisingly authentic-smelling beer and cola-scented candles from Relight Candles.

Gifts for the little ones were abundant with items like this wise owl onesie made by Pathwork co-founder, Nicole, of Random Nicole. I intended to get it for my nephew but, true to Mollenkamp form, he is big for his age and has already outgrown most toddler-sized onesies.

Ribbit Stopit is a new company from Southern California that specializes in non-toxic, handmade children’s toys. Each wood animal was fabulous on ots own but when I realized they all came together to make a puzzle, I was smitten!

If the little guy (whose head you can see popping above the suitcase) who was voraciously trying on each and every item in this booth is any indicator, I’d say good style is engrained at a very young age. But even if it isn’t, you can cheat with some help from HomeSpun Vintage, whose clothing will surely make your little one the most dapper around.

There were many more finds I was coveting from this vintage lace cuff to some humorous prints and some gorgeous letterpress stationary, but I settled on a koala-shaped knit pillow for my niece from the fabulous Peanut Butter Dynamite. You would think I would have come home with a lot more, but I did my best to shop for others in the holiday spirit and what not. If you’re looking to get started on some holiday shopping of you own, save the date because Patchwork Santa Ana is a few weeks away and it has almost twice the amount of vendors.

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