Dave Caldiero’s Essential Kitchen Tools

Dave Caldiero Kitchen Essentials

After yesterday’s TasteMakers interview with Dave Caldiero, I asked him to share a few of his essentials kitchen tools as part of the TasteMakers takeaway. So here they are: ten classic kitchen tools that, when treated well, will pretty much last a lifetime.

If Dave hadn’t already convinced you of his love for making pasta, the fact that half of his list involves pasta-making tools should be proof enough. I’ve linked to everything so that you can stock up on these tools although the bonus item is decidedly unique as it is a coffee mug with a picture of his adorably gregarious daughter, Opal. You can catch a glimpse of the mug in the last photo in Dave’s TasteMakers interview although it’s safe to say you won’t be able to purchase it anytime soon.

1. Vitamix

2. German Steel 12-inch chef knife (It came with Dave’s first knife kit from culinary school and he uses it to make hand-cut pasta.)

3. Olive wood spoon

4. Peugeot Pepper Mill

5. An array of Le Creuset

6. Imperia pasta machine

7. Mortar and Pestle

8. Rolling pin

9. Pasta crimper

10. Bowl scraper (which pretty much lives in his back pocket)

*Bonus: Coffee mug with a picture of Dave’s adorable daughter, Opal, whom he calls his, “true inspiration!”

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