Inspiration: Romance

Aida Mollenkamp Valentine's Day Tabletop Design and Gifts

Whether you love it or despise it, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. While I’m not one for sappiness, it’s a perfect time to celebrate those you cherish, whether you’re cooking for them or buying something sweet.

These are a few items that say “Valentine’s” to me be it in the vintage design, the indulgent factor, or just as a celebration of the romantic.

1. For a Victorian vibe — Thomas Paul Luddite Tray

2. For the minimalist —  Up In The Air Somewhere Peach Paper Bowl

3. For delicious-seeking guys and girls alike — Mo’s Milk Chocolate Bacon Bars, Flying Bacon, Chocolate Pig, and Rogue Shakespeare Stout Gift Box

4. For some schooltime-era charm — Me & You Pencils

5. For indulging in some quiet time — Kusmi Russian Smoked Black Tea

6. For the beloved — Ticket To My Heart Card

7. For a dainty dose of sweet —  LaDuree Macarons

8. For bringing some favorite foods to the soap dish — Coffee Mint Soap

9. For those who love a decidedly vintage feel — Doily Tidbit Plate

10. For the classic romantic — Shakespeare’s Love Sonnets

Inspiration is a reoccurring series where I share visual tabletop and kitchen design elements that are currently piquing my interest.

Fine Print: The Luddite tray that I link to here is an item I discovered as part of my curation activities with OpenSky. While this is not a sponsored post, I do get compensated if you buy through my OpenSky store.

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