Get To Know: Quinoa


For today’s Get To Know, let’s talk quinoa. I know, by now, a lot of you are already BFFs with quinoa, so I’d be remiss not to mention one of the most popular pantry ingredients out there. Let’s get down to it:

What it is: A lot of people consider it a whole grain, but quinoa is actually a seed, though it can be used in the same way you’d use rice and whole grains.

Why you should give a damn: It has a nutty taste, is really versatile (as great as a side dish as it is in a dessert), is easy to prepare, and a great value with a ton of nutritional qualities.

Where you can find it: It’s native to Bolivia and is causing an economic boom down there as more Americans have come to discover and embrace it.

Quinoa Q

How it’ll benefit you: Quinoa is seriously healthy for you, with loads of fiber and protein, and tons of amino acids.. And, for those with dietary restrictions, it’s an awesome choice because it’s gluten-free and cholesterol free. Turn to it when you’re looking to go meatless with your menus but don’t want to miss out on the protein.

How it really shines: Cook it like pasta, steam it like rice (I like a ratio of 1 part quinoa to 1 2/3 parts water), or just simmer it until the little tails at the end of each seed pop off like a curlicue. You’ll find your favorite way quickly but it’s easy no matter which method you choose.


Some Quinoa Recipe Ideas (in order of easy to challenging):

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