Getaway: Los Cabos


I took a week off — did you miss me? Because I missed you guys!

I missed you so much I drown my sorrows in margaritas. Ok, I would have had the margaritas regardless and, truth be told, I needed the down time. It’s go time for book tour planning and that has kept me busy as ever. Before that craziness got overwhelming, I decided on a break — instead of a re-fuel it was a pre-fuel.

So, for the 4th, I headed south of the border to Los Cabos, Mexico. I spent a good deal of time there when I was younger because it is easy to get to, relaxing, and affordable. (It’s not as affordable now as it once was but fun all the same.) With some advice from friends and extensive Googling, I managed great meals and some fun adventures so I wanted to share some of it with you.

Watermelon agua fresca might just be the most refreshing thing ever created and it was my sole salvation from the blazing heat. Of course, once the sun set, we got to trying many a tequila and margarita. The Farmarita (above left) –made with carrots — was a crowd pleaser though we didn’t play favorites. Even so we kept well hydrated to ensure that none of us ended up like this guy!


It’s quite possible I could live on Mexican food alone so that’s pretty much what we did for the week. From chilaquiles verdes for breakfast and tacos galore, to awesome grilled fish and super fresh salads, it wasn’t a matter of if we’d eat but how well. Some highlights were the impeccable seaside meal at El Farallon and the off-the-tourist-beaten path taqueria called El Ahorcado. (Check below for a list of locations and deets.)


A lot has changed in Los Cabos since I was last there including the creation of some awesome adventures (dune buggies, anyone?) and some quality farm-to-table restaurants. We spent 4th of July at Flora’s Farm Kitchen which was started by some folks from NorCal and very much feels like a Sonoma county farmhouse got transported to Mexico. It was the only break we took from Mexican food all week and we celebrated the 4th with a classic fried chicken dinner with creamed greens, mashed potatoes, and slaw.


I dream of having glass work like this in my home someday. Everywhere we ventured there were awesome lanterns, lights, and lamp shades. I’m sure that was all there when I was younger but I was too busy hanging out at the beach to notice those awesome details.


One of my favorite nights was when we headed to downtown San José del Cabo for the weekly art walk and wandered through the back streets discovering fabulous finds at every turn. I’m a sucker for awesome mosaic work so this glass heart pieces was the sole souvenir I purchased.

Finally, here’s the video! Like with my other Getaways, I put my iPhone to use and chronicled our adventures. Our ocean time (including a morning surf session, some stand-up paddling, snorkeling, and some body surfing) is missing because well, my phone isn’t quite that water resistant. But check it out, if only to watch me try my hand at wrangling a dune buggy!

As promised, here are a few of my favorite food finds of the trip (listed from least to most expensive):
Taqueria Ahorcado
Calle Pescadores at Marinos, San José del Cabo

La Fonda
Av. Hidalgo near 12 de Octubre, Cabo San Lucas

Flora’s Field Kitchen
San José del Cabo

El Farallón
Camino Del Mar 1, Cabo San Lucas

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