Happy Mail Part 1

Quality Peoples T Shirt

Mail I don’t like getting: credit card bills, lame catalogues, and charity mailers that contain cheesy return mailing labels that make me feel guilty if I use them without donating and wasteful if I let them all go to waste.

Mail I very much like getting: surprise presents from my generous and talented friends. Like my friends over at Quality Peoples. Most recently, I returned from book tour to see not one but three stacks of mail as high as I am tall greeting me and it pretty much made me want to crawl in a hole, check out, or just leave the country to not have to face that secretarial nightmare.

My saving grace was finding that unexpected package from Quality Peoples and ripping it open to find the three tees below. The prints are all imaginative but it’s their wearability that has me hooked. They’re those slouchy kind of tees that have enough structure so you don’t look like you’re wearing a sack, but are comfortable enough that you might double check to make sure you did in fact change out of your PJs.

Quality Peoples Tees

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