Pretty. Easy. Dutch Baby Pancake

Try as I might, I cannot figure the origins on the Dutch Baby Pancake. Being a Dutch baby myself (well, I’m just one-quarter Dutch, but who’s counting?), the name of this recipe has always piqued my interest because, well, it’s just a bit bizarre.

If you’ve had a Dutch Baby Pancake (aka a German pancake) then you likely understand why I feel you must make it. At its best, this savory breakfast treat rises to great heights, gets crisp on the edges, custardy in the middle, and is a pancake crater that’s a natural bowl for anything you can imagine filling it with (a few of my ideas below).

Dutch Baby Pancake Recipe

Anywho, it seemed natural for this recipe to be this month’s Pretty Easy because it’s seriously simple and works well no matter the weather, no matter the occasion, and really can feed any number of people. It’s a natural dish for brunch since it puffs up to mighty heights, which provides its own sort of drama, yet is so easy to throw together, it’s a wonder why you’d waste any time making individual pancakes.

Dutch Baby Pancake Recipe Slice

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