Twelve Easy Holiday Hors D’Oeuvres

It’s happened — that inevitable moment where you walk in the store and it’s decorated front-to-back with Christmas decor. Never mind the fact the Halloween candy was only just discounted and that many of us have yet to plan anything for Thanksgiving. But, as it has already happened, I wanted to arm you with what I think is key to getting through this holiday season: lots and lots of super simple small bites. Or appetizers. Or hors d’oeuvres. Whatever you call them, here are a few that you can pull together with minimal time, effort, and money.

Aida Mollenkamp Easy Healthy Snack Recipe Bresaola Hand Rolls

Super Quick

These are the bites you can throw together at the absolute last minute so long as you can get your hands on a few key ingredients.

Pear, Ricotta, and Walnut Crostini

This Martha Stewart recipe is a standard in our family every holiday though we alter the fruit — to apples or persimmons — and the nuts — to pecans or pistachios — as we see fit.

Bresaola, Manchego, and Membrillo Hand Rolls

I love this one because it’s got good looks and really requires almost no effort — if you can’t find bresaola, use prosciutto instead.

Persimmon Carpaccio with Burrata

The key to this appetizer is really awesome ingredients — all the way from the persimmons to the pomegranates.

Herb-Roasted Cheese

Such a simple appetizer, it’s a no-brainer, I love serving this cheese with slices of tart Granny Smith apples and fabulous seeded crackers.

Quick-Roasted Sweet-Tart Grapes

These grapes were pretty much made for blue cheese — try it out and you’ll see what I mean.

Aida Mollenkamp Spiced Brined Walnuts Recipe

Make Ahead

Orange, Bay, and Spice-Brined Walnuts

With these walnuts, the spice gets infused inside the nut so there are no messy fingers.

Sweet Potato and Toasted Sage Dip

This seasonal dip is seriously healthy so I keep it on hand for snacking during the holidays.

Mushroom Agrodolce Ragout Bites

Make the ragout ahead of time and then spoon it into the endive just before serving.

Sweet-Spicy Harissa Roasted Almonds

This is another snack that’s in constant rotation during the holidays because it’s sweet, spicy, and really easy to make.

Smoked Salmon, Creme Fraiche, and Fennel Rillettes

If you’re feeling a little Frenchy, make this smoked salmon take on rillettes — a sort of non-pâté pâté — which keeps fabulously.

Pancetta, Thyme, and Fontina Gougères

The French side of my family makes gougères every Christmas eve so it just wouldn’t be the holidays without them. They take a bit of effort but are worth it.

Citrus Pickled Shrimp

Pickled shrimp have become my new favorite small bite this year because they’re really easy to make and have a lot of flavor.

Other Helpful Hints

Take a peek at this post from Oscars season for tips on entertaining with store-bought ingredients: French-Themed Party Bites

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