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Once in a blue moon it happens: you find the absolute, positively perfect gift.

You’re in the throes of holiday shopping madness when suddenly, it’s there before you like your own treasure trove a la King Tut’s tomb (except you’re likely at the mall and didn’t have to excavate it). I do my best to will those perfect gifts — making mental notes of the giftee’s offhand comment of what they covet. And I am on a constant gift alert because sometimes that random day trip across the border results in some seriously perfect presents (heart-shaped Mexican mosaic paperweight, anyone?).

But, no matter how much I will it, those perfect gifts can’t be forced. This year, those perfect gifts have come to me in the form books and in a set of 10 — enough for (almost) everyone in my huge clan. Books are a very regular gift in our family — some of us dote over the design and craftsmanship, others crave a good read, and the littlest ones are still catching the literary bug. To celebrate the power of a good book and the pursuit of a perfect gift, I’m joining my absolutely fabulous publisher, Chronicle Books, to give the gift of books. It’s a community-driven campaign to support bookstores, literacy, and to Give Books

Chronicle Books Spines

Unlike the much-dreaded mall trip, this was infinitely enjoyable gift hunting, because I got to scour the entirety of the Chronicle Books catalogue to find the this set of 10 books for my friends and family. But, as it’s the season of giving, we’re also gifting this entire set of books away to one lucky reader! See below for details on how to enter the giveaway.

But even if you don’t win the set of books, you’re still a winner because through December 31, you can enjoy 30% off on all holiday orders at Just be sure to enter the discount code GIVEBOOKS at checkout. But back to those 10 books and who they’re for:

Darth Vader and Son Book

For The New Father:  Darth Vader and Son

My oldest sister just had a baby boy and, as a result, her husband is anxious to learn the ropes of fatherhood. I trust that the great Darth will adequately show him the path without taking him to the dark side.

For The Newest Addition: Eric Carle Animal Flash Cards

Speaking of that baby boy, well, it’s time to get him educated! These flash cards from Eric Carle, author of my all-time favorite children’s book The Hungry Caterpillar, will teach baby his ABCs, the name of various animals, and what great illustration looks like.

Pictorial Webster Spread

For The Trivial Pursuit-ist: Pictorial Websters

It’s quite possible my father is the most factoid-filled human on the planet — able to quote Lincoln and spout off military stats at a moment’s notice. Seeing as he has read nearly every dictionary out there, this pictorial version — with over 1,500 engravings that were once in the pages of Webster’s dictionaries in the 19th century — seem like the perfect way for him to brush up on his visual history.

For The Wannabe Italiano: Speak Italian

Though my mother is 100% Italian, she didn’t grow up speaking the language. And while she’s never one to shy away from using her hands, this book will teach her the power of the Italian gesture — covering everything from how to threaten someone to tell someone how to bug off, all senza dire una parola.

For The Francophile:  Paris in Color 

Some books you buy just because they’re beauties and Paris in Color one such book. Sure, I’m partial because I am a self-declared Francophile, but the page after page of detailed Parisian street shots all arranged by color would appeal to anyone who loves Paris, France, or just beautiful photography.

For The Single Speeder: Bike Snob

After living in San Francisco for the past 7 years, almost everyone I know is a bike enthusiast — a fact that can be exhilarating and exhausting all at once.  This witty look into the culture of cycling — at both its best and worst — is a perfect gift for the slew of single speeders in my life.

For The Tiny Types: World’s Smallest Post Service 

I have not just one, not two, but a whole group of friends who’ve confessed they find infinite cuteness in all things mini. This teeny, tiny postal service is for them — I plan on giving it to each of them so they can be each other’s penpals and create a worldwide network of mini correspondence.

For The Bride-To-Be: Fortune-Telling Book For Brides

My best friend’s getting married and I’ve come to quickly realize the many responsibilities my bridesmaid’s duties will entail. I plan on kicking it all off with this fortune telling book so we can know what lies ahead, even if we still don’t know what her dress will be.

My Milk Toof For The Quirky Type:  My Milk Toof 

My middle sister has the best deal of quirk I’ve ever seen and everything from her artwork to her tchotchke collection reflects it. The whimsical and adorable adventure of the two baby teeth, Ickle and Lardee, are chronicled in My Milk Toof and I’m quite sure it’s the perfectly dose of peculiar for her bookshelf.

For Those In Search of Awesome: The Journal of Awesome

Sometimes I get down and just forget to find the awesome in everyday. This journal has constant reminders of all the little things in life that are just plainly awesome, like, say, a secret handshake or realizing it’s your day off.

Giveaway Details

11/27/12 – This giveaway has ended – Congrats to our winner!


To help you celebrate the holidays, Chronicle Books is providing one (1) lucky reader with (1) set of the above collection of 10 books.


This giveaway is open to USA visitors and will be open until Monday, November 26th, 2012 11:59pm pacific time.

Who Can Enter:

Open only to residents of the USA 18 years old and older.

How to Enter:

Leave a comment below — one entry per email address only please.

How Winner Will Be Chosen:

The winner will be chosen at and will be notified via email, so please make sure the email address you list in the comment section is correct. You will have 48 hours to respond to me, or a new winner will be chosen.

Technical Issues:

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Fine Print: I am hosting this giveaway so you can experience this book for yourself. I am in no way being compensated for this giveaway and Chronicle Books has generously provided the prize copies of the books.

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