Pretty. Easy. B.Q.C. Tacos

So, I found a few random Skittles under the front seat of my car the other day, and, the scary thing is, I don’t know when or where they’re from. I’m really not that gross and don’t usually eat in my car, but the thing is this: my car is 35 years old and things seem to get lost in it. Similar to those mysterious missing socks in the dryer, my car can gobbles things up like a sort-of mobile Bermuda Triangle.

And, since I’ve had my car since I was 16, there are some awesome artifacts that pop up. Things I’ve found most recently include: a Hello Kitty mechanical pencil, a 90s-era scrunchie, the Bob Marley Legend album I had on repeat in high school, that handful of Skittles, lots of change, an old Tortilla chip that I swear is completely my brother’s fault.

I have no problem blaming my brother because, you see, he’s had his habit of eating in my car ever since high school. I’d drive him to and fro and we’d hit up El Pollo Loco on a really regular basis. We’d go to because after a lucky car cushion scavenging session we’d have just enough change to hit up the El Pollo Dollar Menu, where we’d religiously order BRC (beans, rice, cheese) burritos.

Not that we don’t still hit up EPL every so often, but I wanted to give my brother a recipe that was just as simple but healthier. Something you could throw together for a real meal in the midst of the holiday madness. Something that you could make ahead and nosh on whenever you finally take a break from tree trimming or gift wrapping.

That said, this month’s Pretty. Easy. is my twist on the BRC, which is the BQC (beans, quinoa, cheese) taco. So, make some quinoa, keep some beans on hand, and then you’ll be set to make this on the spot. And, if you’ve got friends or family coming over, take it up a notch and add in whatever you’d like — be it sautéed mushrooms, wilted greens, pulled pork, or just lots and lots of avocado.

Pretty Easy Meatless Taco