Hazelnut-Chocolate Linzer Cookies

I have a friend who is the queen of finding deals. She’s like that chick in those discount store commercials that they’ve labeled “The Gifter” — she can sniff out the best deal in a stack of bargain bins. Anytime I ask her where she got her chic skirt, awesome purse, or on-trend glasses, she’s sure to blurt out, “Oh, you know, one of those discount stores downtown.”

The thing is, I am not like her. I never find anything worthwhile in those places. Maybe I don’t have the patience to roam the racks, the eye to find the real deal, or whatever, but I’m the exact opposite of her. It’s like I overpay on purpose despite the fact I don’t have the finances to warrant such habits.

I’m so bad at finding deals that even these star cookie cutters were pricier than they should have been. They’re not super special — they’re just an old set of classic Ateco stainless steel star cookie cutters that I could have bought way cheaper online or at the local restaurant supply. But instead? Well, instead, I bought them at some random antique cookie store and paid way too much for them. As in I was subsidizing the store owner’s rent too much.

Aida Mollenkamp Hazelnut Linzer Cut Outs

I take solace in the fact that I’ve definitely gotten my fair share of worth out of them. In the years I’ve owned them, I’ve easily made a few thousand cookies with them, so, as I see it, I paid pennies per cookie. For some reason, I’ve reserved these cutters specifically for these linzer cookies, which proves just how often I make them.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m over the moon for the pairing of chocolate and hazelnut. So, I took the classic Linzer cookie, ditched the fruit jam filling (love it in my PBJ, hate it in a cookie, thank you very much) and filled it with chocolate-hazelnut paste. They’re a hint salty, toasty, and super buttery and decadent. So, while I still haven’t managed to sharpen my shopping skills, well, I tell myself I spent that time taste testing (er, perfecting) these cookies.

Aida Mollenkamp Hazelnut-Chocolate Linzer Cookie Recipe