Make Your Own: Toasted Oat, Coconut, and Quinoa Granola

There are two types of people: those who make resolutions and those who don’t.

I’m most definitely one of those who does make resolutions and yet I never go into the year with a definitive resolution. I never have any idea at, say 11:59PM on New Years Eve what my resolution will be because I tell myself I don’t need them. But the reality is that I crave mile markers — I like to know where I’ve been and where I’m headed.

Without fail, about a week in to the New Year, I come up with a a few resolutions and this year my cooking resolution is to do more food projects. It came about because while I was on the road for the book tour, I missed the simple act of getting in the kitchen and getting my hands dirty. So the first homemade food project of 2013 (aka a make your own or MYO project) is granola.

I started making granola mostly because my boyfriend was spending tons of money each week by granola in bulk from our local grocery store. One day, I blurted out in frustration, “You know I can make that homemade for a fraction of the cost, right?” After many a test run, this is Toasted Coconut-Quinoa Granola is what we’ve both come to love, though we switch it up depending on what we have (or don’t have) in the pantry.