Murphy’s Law: Miso Chicken Soba Noodle Soup

I had a lot planned this week. I had planned to tell you about the album that I’ve been listening to nonstop. I had planned to share a recipe for my new favorite drink, the Pear-Tamarind Sparkling Cocktail. And I had planned to make it Salt Lake City for my first time at Alt Design Summit.

But like a bat out of hell, Murphy’s Law went into full affect and I was debilitated. I was stopped in my tracks (literally) with a smoking car that rattled across the freeway. I was laid out flat with that oh-so gnarly stomach bug. And I was grounded by, not one, but two consecutive days of canceled flights. So, in attempts to be all zen about it, I gave in. To be honest, the attempting-to-be-zen part of me likes to think I accepted what was dealt to me and that I didn’t give in. Semantics aside, I swapped NyQuils for cocktails and was bed-ridden with this flu-thing ever since.


Lucky for me, what I have had is the energy to make is this Miso Chicken Noodle Soup. I first uncovered a version of this over at Williams-Sonoma and used it to showcase some of the ingredients that I’ve hunted down for my latest cooking video that I collaborated on with my friends at Joyus Food.

While the recipe is two-thumbs up as is, I couldn’t help but fuss with it a bit. I have made vats and vats of it this Miso Chicken Noodle Soup week, after all. So, after many iterations, I settled on adding shitake mushroom for some earthiness, garlic for depth of flavor, and nixed the spinach for bok choy, if only for a little variety. So, while I seriously hope you don’t have to contend with this flu I just battled, I do hope you find time to make a bowl or two of this soup sometime this winter.