Portland Bound and Lisa Thiele’s Key To The Kitchen

Lisa Thiele Portrait Keys To The Kitchen Interview

Happy New Year, Portland! I’m headed your way for my first book event of 2013. And, as I like to do when I take Keys To The Kitchen on the road, I checked in with a local food friend to discover their keys to the kitchen. Here’s Lisa Thiele of With Style & Grace who’s all about lists:

Q: Lisa, tell us what is your key to the kitchen?

A: I love lists, especially when it comes to food — from grocery lists to recipes ideas to what’s in my fridge. Since I buy a lot of fresh food — vegetables, fruits, eggs and lean proteins — I like to create a list of the ingredients in my fridge along with other healthy items [kale, eggs, avocado, brussels sprouts, oatmeal, almonds, flaxseed etc.] When I know what I have, it helps inspire new recipes and it keeps me away from processed foods and keeps me eating healthy. Lastly, when I don’t have a list I find I waste more food because I forget what I have.

Here are the items currently on my list –

  1. Cooked quinoa
  2. Kale
  3. Brussel Sprouts
  4. Pears – [make oatmeal with pears]
  5. Spinach in the freezer – add to smoothies
  6. Eggs – fresh and hard boiled
  7. Avocado
  8. Whole carrots – peel and cut for hummus
  9. Chicken breasts, already cooked
  10. Sweet potatoes (2)

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Though my new cookbook is called Keys To The Kitchen, the reality is that there are too many to publish in one single book. So, I’ll be asking some of my favorite food people from each city I’ll be visiting on my book tour to share his or her very own key to the kitchen in this interview series — read other interviews here.

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