Pretty. Easy. Black Bean and Sweet Potato Chili

This month’s Pretty. Easy. is dedicated to my boyfriend, Chris. If given the option, I’m quite certain he would live solely on Have’A Corn Chips, Its-It ice cream sandwiches, granola, and peanut butter. And, as of this week, that may very well become a reality.

After three years long distance, we moved in together for a few months, only to have him get a job in NorCal. And since I’m still working the majority of my time in SoCal, well, enough complaining from me, you see the dilemma. We’re now part-time long distance which, as I see it, means he’ll spend the time I’m not around eating every possible permutation of corn chips, ice cream sandwiches, granola, and peanut butter.

That said, I’m on a mission to teach him how to make a thing or two for himself so he has a chance to eat real food and first up is chili.

We settled on chili because a) it has been bizarrely frigid in NorCal (hello, mid 30s and frost in the AM!) b) a good chili warms you through and through and c) all chilis and stews make plenty of leftovers and are better as they sit, which is great for someone working 13-hour days at a start-up.

So, I taught Chris a few very easy chilis, including this super simple black bean and sweet potato combination. Now I can tell myself he comes home from work to a bowl of chili and can crack open a cold IPA and turn on Hulu. Well, I can at least tell myself that, even if the Have’A Corn Chips are still taking centerstage!