Faking A Date With The Barista: Double Chocolate Tart with Mascarpone Cream and Candied Kumquats

Do you ever play make believe?

A few years back, I had a bad case of make believe that led to an only-in-my-mind relationship with the guy making the rosettes on my morning lattes. Before I knew it I was so reading into his every move that when he poured a frothy heart on top of my morning cup, I took it as a green light to ask him out. It was a dangerous case of reading between the latte lines — he was only putting that heart there because it was Valentine’s Day but I was too busy swooning to make note of that.

To say I was mortified, doesn’t even begin to explain it. And, as if the misread weren’t bad enough, the situation was made worst by the fact he accepted my advance only so as not to bruise my ego in front of everyone else was waiting in the coffee line. This is just one of the many reasons I shouldn’t be allowed to play make believe.

Chocolate Mascarpone Kumquat Tart 590

Since that fated Valentine’s Day, I’ve gone from playing make believe with boys and turned instead to tarts — much sweeter and safer on the rejection front. But I’ve been playing make believe with this tart for way too long. It’s been on my mind every year around the time that kumquats come into season but I keep letting the season come and go without even attempting to make it. Why you ask? Well, I have no clue. I know this is some of my favorite flavors all in one place. I know that it’ll be delicious. And I know that kumquat season lasts for only about 2 and 1/2 seconds. This year I finally put an end to the make believe and made it real.

The funny thing about this tart is that it’s seriously simple to pull together but it looks like it’s from the pages of the Dean & Deluca holiday catalogue (my Mom’s words not mine). So, while I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, this would be the tart I’d turn to were I looking to knock the socks (and other clothing) off a special someone.