Black Tie Grilled Cheese: Honey-Baked Cheese with Pistachios and Cranberries

This appetizer is the black-tie version of grilled cheese.

And, seeing as tonight is Hollywood’s swankiest awards affair, it might just be the absolutely perfect time to serve it. While I’ve served many a mini grilled cheese in my day, this recipe is much easier to make and has a bit of panache and easy elegance that only a select few can pull off. It’s like the George Clooney of cheese appetizers, if you catch my drift.


With just a few, simple steps, this appetizer capture the fabulousness of melty, gooey that makes the cheese fanatics (like moi) swoon, yet it’s gussied up enough to serve to your poshest guests alongside a glass of bubbly, of course. 

True, if no one was watching, I might just scoop it onto a crusty baguette and eat it all in one sitting, but it’s one of those cocktail party gems that’s too good not to share. And, it’s so stupidly simple you’d be doing a disservice not to serve this at your next soiree.