The Perfect Pear: Sparkling Pear and Tamarind Cocktail

The season of hearts is upon us. They’re everywhere you look.

You know that that means, right? It means that talk of food as aphrodisiacs is inevitable. When I was at CHOW, we’d always bemoan Valentine’s Day because it’s full of so many cheesy, flowery, pink-clad clichés.

So, when I say I’ve got a cocktail for you called the Perfect Pear, don’t judge and please feel free to giggle at the pun. But it’s not an ode to a beloved or a sappy song of the hearts-in-eyes variety. It’s a cocktail of longing, or, better yet, hope. It’s a cocktail that represents all the things I want from love.


I blame the creation of this cocktail entirely on the book, The Happiness Project. One of my New Year’s Resolutions, is to read a new book every 10 days and currently I’m in the midst of The Happines Project.  If you haven’t read it, the idea is that the author takes a year studying and attempting to make her life that much happier. And a major key to it all comes is willing happiness through your actions.

So, what better way to will some love into my personal life than a cocktail that’s just that – a balance of the elements that make (at least IMO) for long-lasting love. The pear gives it a sweetness that’s a bit grounded and earthy, the tamarind makes it a bit of exotic intrigue, the cinnamon adds spice, and the sparkling wine adds bubbles or giggles, because we all need to laught with and at each other, no?

So, whether you have some one to cheers with or not this holiday season, here’s a toast to finding the real deal.