Going Ga-Ga for Babies: Carrot-Cumin Farro Risotto

My best friend is obsessed with babies. She probably won’t just tell you that when you meet her and she’s not psycho about it in that dreaming of bassinets, onesies, and baby names sort of way. But she’s a sucker for pudgy little ones. Back in middle school, when those  baby photos were all the rage, she was single-handedly keeping the business booming. I mean, I think she would have interned for free for Anne Geddes were it to mean she could have primped, preened, and cooed over little ones.

Me, I’m not so into babies. Okay, I love my niece and nephews and look forward to having a family someday, but the kind of baby things I love are of the vegetable variety.

So, when Spring arrives and the Vernal Equinox does it’s equinox-ing (that’s probably not a word but roll with me on this one), I’m anxious for all things spring — bright green buds on trees, flowers blooming, and bright blue skies.

Grated Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese from www.aidamollenkamp.com

Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t really seem aware of the calendar so, though Wednesday was the first day of Spring, it was blustery as mid winter around these parts. Even so, there are hints of what’s to come — the earliest of early strawberries, a few pea shoots doing their thing, and some of the babiest of baby potatoes and carrots.

This farro risotto is most delicious with those first, freshest, tenderest of tender baby carrots — anything else is a disservice. To some this is farro, to some a risotto, to others still a farrotto, but I’m not one for semantics — it’s farro, carrots, cumin, and Parmesan simmered together and it screams Spring, even if the first of Spring is still a far cry away. Aida-Mollenkamp-Carrot-Cumin-Risotto-v