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Escape with Ghirardelli dark chocolate #escapewithdarkchocolate @ghirardelli

Daydreaming is an art – it truly is a special skill. My high school French teacher would disagree, as he wrote my daydreaming as off as lack of concentration, but I believe it’s the key to creativity. And, let’s be honest, it’s a coping mechanism for escaping from reality. Especially when your reality comes in the form of travel headaches like lost luggage, cancelled flights, and poor customer service.

I’d like to think I have pretty good travel karma, but really just it’s just a matter of time before the bad stuff hits. And, when you travel as much as I do, it hits pretty often. This winter I’ve been caught in a Nor’Easter, had luggage fly east when I was heading west, and clocked in time at airport cafés while coping with grounded flights. And, that, my friends, is when I daydream.

Escape with Ghirardelli dark chocolate #escapewithdarkchocolate @ghirardelli

When I’m faced with the worst of it, I take action by turning to my ETK or my Emergency Travel Kit. The kit is really more accurately coined a pampering kit as the only emergency it will ever save me of is one that requires chocolate and good hand lotion. Semantics aside, at the end of the day, I tuck myself under the covers of my hotel room bed and pamper myself by slathering on the hand lotion, swiping on a good lip balm, and treating myself to some chocolate. If you’re chocolate lover like me, then a good dose of chocolate makes the worst of situations better.

I then proceed to daydream away and make believe what my day would have been like had I been back home in San Francisco. Since everything revolves around food and drink in my life, I picture myself in one of the my favorite San Francisco places where I go to escape.

escape with ghirardelli dark chocolate #escapewithdarkchocolate @ghirardelli
The first such place is Cavallo Point, which is nestled at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge and a place of laidback escape. Honestly, I hesitate to tell people about Cavallo because it’s my favorite local secret. I daydream of enjoying the sunshine and what is, to me, the most stunning view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

escape with ghirardelli dark chocolate #escapewithdarkchocolate @ghirardelli

My other reoccurring daydream? Heading to the Ferry Building to chill out, window shop, and stock up on my favorite local treats. Especially since I’ll likely need to restock the Emergency Travel Kit so I’m prepped for whatever’s on the horizon.


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