Join me “In The Pantry” over on Yahoo! Shine

Ok, friends, I’ve got a big announcement: today is the launch of my new web series for Yahoo! Shine called, In The Pantry.

The series gets back to cooking basics and covers everything from how to stock your pantry, tips for ingredient substitutions, what not to buy, and items you should splurge on at the store. You already know that my cookbook, Keys To The Kitchen, is all about helping you to become a more accomplished and adventurous cook so, In The Pantry does that same thing, just in video form.

Click through to check out the first episode on Must Haves For A Well Stocked Pantry and tell me what are your pantry must-haves.

Oh, and check back often as we’ll air a new episode each week!

This video is part of my Yahoo! web series, In The Pantry, where I share cooking tips, tricks, and easy recipes made with ingredients you probably already have in your pantry!

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