The Three Amigas On Repeat

“I’m going on a road trip, I’m going on a road trip, X marks the spot!”

Ok, I know that’s not really how that grade school rhyme goes but this last weekend I was playing with my niece and nephews and I taught them the original game. Ever since then I can’t help but change it to “road trip” as I prepare for the trip I’m about to take.

But before I tell you what I’ll be eating while on the road (spoiler alert: it just might be this very recipe), let’s talk about the whos, what, wheres, and whys. Do you recall the Los Angeles-to-Texas road trip I took a few years back that I took with my friends, Lillian and Gaby where we proclaimed ourselves the Three Amigas? Well, we’re at it again and this time we’re heading from Los Angeles to San Francisco while en route to the IACP Annual Conference.


It’s not a long journey but we’re taking our time to soak in the sites and cities along the way. Each of us is bringing something to nosh on and I’m opting for this Roasted Squash and Pepita Pesto Spread. The recipe is something I came up with last Fall but I’ve never gotten around to sharing it with you (translation: I’ve been to busy eating it to stop and actually photograph it). Anyway, I’m going to give it one more go ’round for our road trip before I button it away until Fall weather comes back our way.