A Vacation From Your Vacation: Kale-Strawberry Smoothie

I need a vacation from my vacation – no, seriously.

If that’s not a thing, let’s make it so because after this past weekend, I’m in desperate need. I was only in Mexico for 72 hours but I felt like I had been gone eons when I returned. It was like Cabo abducted us and ten years passed during the weekend — and I blame it all on my sister’s friends. They may be 10 years my senior but that only made them ten times more ready to party.

Strawberry and Kale Smoothie from www.aidamollenkamp.com

And it’s not just the craziness I need a break from — it’s also the food. It’s very possible I ate my weight in tortilla chips, more than likely we consumed all the huevos rancheros in Baja, and quite certain that the only really fruit consumption was the lime wheel that came with our hibiscus margaritas.

Attempting to make up for the guacamole-fueled nuttiness of it all, I’ve been making variations on this Strawberry and Power Greens smoothie recipe — a sort of nutritional amends if you will. I can’t precisely break it down for your nutritionally but I know it’s a step in the right direction with lots of vitamin A, C, K and a good dose of fiber.

Kale-Strawberry-Almond Smoothie from www.aidamollenkamp.com

It should be said that there are as many smoothies out there as there are stars in the sky but this is how I’m currently liking mine. The greens actually came about because my market now has baby kale and chard and I’m loving them in every sort of salad I concoct — it was only a matter of time before I threw some in the blender. And when I ran out of that, I found threw in baby arugula that gave it a peppery note — admittedly that’s probably not for everyone but really isn’t as weird as it sounds.