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It’s hard to believe that Gaby and I only met three years ago because it seems she’s been in my life forever. I recall that she was uber friendly, perfectly tanned, and absolutely obsessed with avocados.

What I didn’t realize is that she’s so into avocados that she eats them everyday, has a whole section of her site dedicated to avocados called Avocado Central, and that she uses them for everything from guacamole to body scrubs.

Suffice it to say she’s the unofficial queen of avocados, so it was really only a matter of time before she wrote a book on the subject and that time is now. Her first cookbook, Absolutely Avocados, was just published and it’s filled with all sorts of food true to Gaby’s cooking style, which, in her own words is “(mostly) healthy casual California recipes along with the occasional indulgences.”

For the occasion, I asked Gaby to share one her recipe for Tostones with Chunky Avocado as well as her top one (er, make that two) key(s) to the kitchen. And, speaking of avocados, be sure to enter the giveaway over on Gaby’s site for the chance to win a giant box of California avocados!

Q: Gaby, I’m dying to know, what is your key to the kitchen?

A: Well I have 2 keys to the kitchen! Is that allowed?

The first one goes without saying… I always have a steady stream of avocados on hand. I can literally find a way to incorporate an avocado into any meal, so it’s important that I stock avocados at all times. I buy some that are ripe and ready to eat that day and I also buy some that are rock hard and will take a few days to reach their prime. That way I never run out.

My 2nd key to the kitchen is to always have some great salt on hand. I love shopping for fun, specialty salts while I’m traveling and finishing a dish with a little sprinkle of a fancy salt can make a huge difference. I keep a large flaked salt on hand for finishing salads and veggies as it adds tons of flavor and a nice little crunch. And I use Fleur de Sel for fish, chicken, red meat and to mix into my unsalted butter when I’m spreading some on toast! I also keep fun and quirky salts on hand like smoked salt, black truffle salt, red wine infused salt and vanilla salt for when the mood strikes.

Check out Gaby’s new cookbook, Absolutely Avocados, then head over to her site, What’s Gaby Cooking, and follow her on Twitter, on FacebookInstagram, and on Pinterest.

Though my new cookbook is called Keys To The Kitchen, the reality is that there are too many to publish in one single book. So, I’ll be asking some of my favorite food people from each city I’ll be visiting on my book tour to share his or her very own key to the kitchen in this interview series — read other interviews here.


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