Confessions of A Food Floozy

It’s fair to say I’m a bit of a food floozy. You see, I fall in love easily — a new, delicious thing comes my way and I am totally smitten. But the reality is, I’m discerning too — unless it’s really, truly phenomenal, I eventually move on to find something else. The moments where the dish does right by me though? Well, then I’m a convert for life, as is the case with these griddled tacos.

A few month’s ago I was in Texas for work and spent each and every mealtime educating myself on TexMex. You see, I have a total, unbridled prejudice against TexMex and I’ve tried many a time to become a convert. The thing is though, TexMex is just too sauced, too cheesy, and just too over the top and I’d rather have real-deal Mexi any day.

So, I was ecstatic to find my education had stuck when I came across my first plate of Tacos Norteños. It was a rainy day down in San Anton and I tucked into a bustling restaurant in search of lunch. Though everyone kept talking up the puffy tacos, I couldn’t resist the sound of the toasted, melty taco that the menu had listed as Tacos Norteños. To be honest, I’m not really sure why these are even called Tacos Norteños — there are much more authentic versions of Tacos Norteños out there and these don’t bear any resemblance to them.

These tacos are what you’d have from some sort of food hybridization of a taco and a quesadilla – a tacodilla? Well, I’ve concocted my own version that’s even less authentic than TexMex — some AidaMex tacodillas if you well.

Griddled Chipotle Chicken Tacos from

Whatever you want to call it, this is why you should dig it: grilled chipotle chicken gets layered with refried beans, grilled onions, and cheese then toasted like a quesadilla. Suffice it to say I ate three of these in one day, which I’ll chalk up to recipe “taste testing” though that’s really just my explanation for why I was eating these for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

So, tell me, do you need any more convincing to try them out? Ya, I didn’t think so.